Posted on: October 18, 2009 11:05 pm

A few Post Florida Game Thoughts

The Hogs could win out (I think we may) and the "experts" probably wont ever give us credit. If we got 8-4 or 9-3 Petrino deserves SEC coach of the year. LOOK at our schedule. Brutal. If Nutt was the coach he would have got it. So I hope we get it done and Bobby gets the well deserved props.

Honestly we have to play well but we could win out. We will have to see I guess. But the experts will probably say every team we beat was having an off day and keep us out of the polls. Just think of it this way. They dont go from writing the awful types of things they did about our coach to respecting us. The only way we can take them out of the equation is to win big all the time. And even then they will hurt us. All these media cuck smugglers are the reason the system is so defunct. Its crap! Just like those refs yesterday.

I didnt blame them for our loss yesterday but I watched the replay today. Hurt like hell to do. And my goodness you wanna know how many times FL got no calls on holds, clips, false starts, pass interferance, facemasks, late hits, blocks in the back, excessive celebrations?

Over 15 noticable calls and ton of close calls the type we were called on. It makes me sick! These refs honestly should be fired. I hear they were the same ones that botched the GA v LSU game. Thats not even counting the calls everyone has pointed out that the refs botched to help the Gators (PI call, O PI no call, Awful Personal Foul call). Just look at the film. Watch our DL get held and drug down.

I will say it again. if you know football and how to grade it then watch the film. Watch the game again. Watch all those things I just listed. It is sickening. FL should have been penalized far more than AR.

But had 3 for like 16 yards. Where AR had like 90 something yards of penalties.

Think of it this way if you are having trouble understanding. On a day when the Gators are being said to play sloppy and bad. Have 4 fumbles (good hitting by the Hogs by the way give em some credit) and their QB was sacked 6 times and pressured a ton more. How are their not more penalties on them? It makes no sense that the refs had their pockets zipped when FL made a penalty and just didnt throw the flag. FL was playing sloppy and should of had a lot of penalties to show for it. UNREAL!

Watch the film!
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